‘We train workers for the Kingdom of God!’

Where people come to faith in Christ, there is also the need for education. The Johan Maasbach World Mission Foundation provides this education through its Zoe Bible College and Harvest Time Bible school; our education for evangelization, church growth and mission work. These schools have worldwide grown in number rapidly. The number of applications exceeds our capacity. Students are equipped to fulfill the task that God has given them and to are sent out to preach the Gospel.


The world’s population has grown explosively. Researchers of the university of Washington have published their estimation in the scientific magazine ‘Science’, saying that there is a 80% possibility that by the end of this century, there will be 9.6 – 12.3 billion people on this earth.
Between 1800 and 1900 the growth of the world’s population was less than 1 billion. Between 1900 and 2000, the growth was over 4 billion! Now, the world’s population has an average growth of a billion each 12-15 years! How many more missionaries, evangelists, preachers, pastors, youth and children’s workers, elders, deacons etc. do we need to supply in the growth of the world’s population?


Exactly what Jesus has prophesied in Matthew 24, we see being fulfilled today. Earthquakes, disasters, wars, brother against brother etc. This makes it even more difficult to enter certain areas to share the good news of the Gospel with them.


The economical crisis, the heavy load of taxes and the self-centeredness of people and many churches resulted in the fact that there is a lack of funds to ‘do missions’ on a scale that is required. With more money, we could train more workers on the mission field.
Prayer and action!
These are important prayer points. Jesus calls us to pray that the Father will send out more workers into the field (the world is the field, the harvest are the souls of people being saved). Although prayer is necessary, we as Christians should stand up for action. Besides the fact that every Christian should actively share about Jesus, we need to train people to do the work. Training people is important!

Because of training they will:

Be encouraged to continue.
Be strengthened and educated to do the work of an evangelist with success.
Do their work with more ease.
Be more productive.
Be protected for unnecessary problems and mistakes (and those they serve).
Have a higher probability to finish their work completely.
The Johan Maasbach World Mission Foundation makes an effort to unselfishly help Christians worldwide, guide them, train them and support them. Through books and teaching material, Zoe Bible College, Harvest Time Bible schools, conferences, seminars, etc. we support them in word and deed. Especially in difficult places of this world, the pioneer areas (places where there is nothing or little of the Gospel present). Through the grace of God we may do this well over 60 years.

There are also many men and women that the Lord has called into this His service through this ministry (through TV broadcasts and radio broadcasts, campaigns and the spreading of tracts and flyers). We thank God that we can be a source of inspiration and motivation for them.

Because of the favor of God, we have been part of wonderful revivals brought by the Word and Spirit of God. We have been used for the birth of many ministries in this world, that now have a tremendous impact for the Gospel themselves. We are builders of the Kingdom of God at large. It is our prayer and desire that we may continue with this blessed work up to as many generations that will come before the return of Jesus!